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This is a video walking down the main street in the Village of Bugesera, Scott Pyle Myrtle Beach

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The ministry in Rwanda is African New Life Ministry where they feed, clothe and educate over 5200 children who would otherwise be living in the streets in KigaliKayonzaBugesera and Kageyo.  Their goal is to find sponsors for another 1000 children over the next 12 months.  This ministry is largely staffed by Rwandan's which is the most effective way to care for these children while protecting their culture.  It's efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity to save and change lives is very impressive to see.  We just got back from another trip with a group of medical professionals caring for the medical needs of the children at the Bugesera School and the community at large.

The Dream Center:
The Dream center is the main campus for Africa New Life Ministry in Rwanda with other schools and campuses in rural villages.  This past year the ministry finished the construction of a bible college at The Dream Center.  You can see what this ministry is up to at their website at www.anlm.org

Clean Water, Medical care, Food/Farming, Education and Eternal Hope

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